Everyone who can should do humanitarian work

The world is facing very many challenges right now, says Raphael Locham, der runs the office of Danish Demining Group (DDG) in Lodwar in Northern Kenya. Here he works intensively with mediation between local tribes, between res...


"We had to flee because of the war in Syria"

Bassel, 33, has fled Syria with his nephew and niece, aged 8 and 5 years. Their parents have stayed in Syria to take care of the grandmother, who is too weak and could not leave.


"Do you want my autograph? It will be worth a lot"

Yunes is a football fan - and a potential professional footballer. Self-confidence is not a problem for the 12-year-old boy who fled Afghanistan with his family.


"We thought we would die at sea"

The rubber boat carrying Sara and Mohammed from Afghanistan was close to sinking before they were rescued by the Greek coast guard. Arriving to the Moria site on Lesvos was the first place on their dangerous journey they could...


"Daddy, when do we get to a peaceful place?"

Thousands of people are still arriving each day at the Greek islands. Hakimi, his wife and their three boys have fought their way from Afghanistan and over the mountains of Iran and Turkey. The family hopes for a safe future in...


"When we came to Moria, we could finally breathe"

More than 1,000 people are arriving every day to the Moria registration site on Lesvos, Greece. Many are families with small children. They have fought their way to the Turkish coast and crossed the Mediterranean Sea in small r...


"There was a stench of smelly feet, but it was the safest place we’ve experienced"

Conditions in the Moria registration site on the Greek island of Lesvos have improved substantially over the past few months. When a Syrian family recently spent the night in Moria their biggest problem was the stench of smelly...

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DRC leads 200 families to safety

For years Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have lived an insecure existence next to active military barracks in one of the largest spontaneous settlements in South Sudan, Dethoma.


DRC’s elderly people programs breaking barriers

Often dubbed the forgotten victims of most humanitarian emergencies worldwide, the Danish Refugee Council’s Syria program is working hard to ensure displaced elderly people in Syria are front and center in its outreach programm...

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Alternatives to Detention training held for Libyan CSOs

Alternatives to the detention of refugees and migrants transiting through Libya offer more affordable and humane options that address the needs of vulnerable groups such as women and children, said the Danish Refugee Council, d...