Strong women of the Middle East


On International Women’s Day, March 8th, eight determined women share their stories.


”I thank God for the help from the Danish Refugee Council”


For years 65-year-old Hawa struggled to get by in the refugee camp in Djibouti. But when she had the opportunity to receive livelihood assistance, she had an idea, which turned out to be very good business.


The best restaurant in the refugee camp


44-year-old Kalthoum’s life in the refugee camp changed completely, when she was given a grant to start a restaurant. Now it helps the entire family get by.


Decent hearing is vital


Refugees with a hearing loss, caused by the war they fled, are struggling to settle and understand the asylum process. Abdal Rahman Saka, a 27-year-old Syrian refugee, got the help he needed to overcome his deafness, thanks to ...

Ana 'am 1

Educated and unemployed


Syrians opt for higher education despite blockages to job market


Safe, not yet secure


After fleeing Syria four years ago, Jordan has become a safe haven for Fahed and his family. It is, however, difficult to secure a decent living.


Ukraine conflict: Humanitarian Access as a Major Challenge


As years of armed conflict go by, the protracted crisis in eastern Ukraine leaves millions in insecure future and deepening humanitarian hardship. As a result, according to the United Nations, 4.4 million Ukrainians have been ...


A refugee working with refugees


Sayed Hashimi, 30, is an Afghan refugee in Greece. He barely escaped death after Taliban groups targeted him and his family for his affiliation to awareness raising campaigns on human rights and equality. He has been a part of ...


Youth centre in refugee camp provides hope for a different future


In just two years an empty lot has been transformed into a colorful youth center, which every day provides hope and community for hundreds of youths in Kakuma Refugee Camp in north western Kenya.


Mercy finds a haven in new youth centre


24 year old Mercy Akuot first fled her home in South Sudan with her family and then fled from her family when they wanted to marry her to a much older soldier. Today she lives in the Kakuma Refugee Camp where she has found a ha...