Accountability Framework


The Danish Refugee Council wishes to be accountable to those we try to help. We seek to achieve this by involving our stakeholders through information, participation and a complaints-handling procedure.

DRC’s international operations comply with the HAP 2010 Standard in Humanitarian Accountability and Quality Management. One important accountability instrument is informing our beneficiaries and other stakeholders about our Accountability Framework - in other words what they should hold us accountable for.

An Accountability Framework (AF) is a statement defining the organisation’s commitments, that is, its aims, standards and procedures and how it ensures that it is accountable for them. DRC’s accountability framework comprises a global AF which applies to all international operations in DRC, and local AFs which define country-specific accountability commitments in addition to the global AF. The global AF can be downloaded from the link to the right, as can DRC’s global Accountability Improvement Plan, which forms an integral part of the AF. The local AFs can be downloaded from the country portals under “WHERE WE WORK”.

Complaints and feedback
DRC’s international operations and staff must comply with this Accountability Framework.

Complaints or feedback regarding non-compliance should be submitted as follows:

  • Field programmes: Through the local complaint/feedback mechanisms of the programme in question. 
  • DRC International Head Office: Through the Code of Conduct complaint Registrar.

The procedures are described on

Status of January 2016
DRC’s international operations are certified under the HAP Standard since 2007 and re-certified in September 2013 for another four years. DRC will seek external certification under the new Core Humanitarian Standard. DRC is a member of the CHS Alliance, which has replaced HAP and People in Aid.