Civilians face increasing risk of being caught in crossfire as forces move on W. Mosul


Civilians fleeing the fighting in western Mosul may face difficulty reaching safety and are under increasing threat of being caught in the crossfire, the Danish Refugee Council warned on Wednesday, after Iraqi forces began oper...


Danish minister impressed by visit to DRC Community Centers in Jordan


The Danish Minister for Development, Ulla Tørnæs, visited DRC Community Centers during a two day trip to Jordan. She expressed great admiration for the work being done.

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Famine declared in troubled part of South Sudan


Today the United Nations has announced a famine in the northern state of Unity in South Sudan. As many as 100,000 people are affected in the state, which has been heavily affected by fighting since conflict broke out in late 20...

NFI distribution, Dadaab Refugee Camp.  Photo by Jesper Guhle Mogensen 2010

DRC urges evacuation of Elliniko sites


Based on the recent developments with increased tension over living conditions in Elliniko, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) expresses once again its concerns regarding the sub-standard living conditions in Elliniko Sites in So...

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Digital platform links Syrian refugees with employers worldwide


A new digital platform designed to link Syrian refugees with potential employers worldwide was launched, according to the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), helping refugees overcome barriers such as language and lack of connections...

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Call to Action: Horn of Africa Drought Crisis


The Horn of Africa is experience a devastating drought, which has left more than 15 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia facing food and water shortages and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The Danish Refugee...

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Civilians need protection and access to the humanitarian aid in Ukraine


“Nearly 4 million people are still suffering due to the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine”: this is the major call of the conference “Ukraine – the Human Face of the Eastern Conflict”, co-organized in Brussels today by humanitaria...


Refugees face similar challenges across Syria’s neighbouring countries


Refugees face similar challenges across Syria’s neighbouring countries, a new report by a coalition of 28 NGOs has found, warning that long-term efforts are still needed by the international community and host governments.

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Pursuing a Solutions Framework for Displacement Affected Communities


Globally, more and more people are being displaced with little prospects for achieving solutions. The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has contributed to the development of a solutions framework as a tool for measuring to what exte...

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The annual donation from The Mary Foundation will help refugees in Jordan


The recent years of war in Syria and Iraq has led to the displacement of 14.5 million children, women and men. Most of them are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. The 2016 annual donation from HRH Crown Princess Mary of ...