20170403 - Uganda Gloria Affia + mentor

Still a teenager but like a ‘mother’ to her siblings


17-year-old Gloria Affia fled to Uganda from South Sudan after her uncle was killed. She and her two siblings aged 12 and four had to flee on foot. She is now their sole guardian making it vital to find a way to provide for the...

Andreas Kamm Foto Af Agnete Schlichtkrull

Danish Refugee Council seeks new Secretary General


After 38 years at the Danish Refugee Council, Andreas Kamm will be leaving the organisation at the end of October 2017.

Its Zahle20

International community must reconfirm support for Syrian displaced and host countries


The international community must stand on the side of the Syrian civilians. This is the message of the Danish Refugee Council, which is one of the largest international organizations working both inside Syria and in the neighb...

20170327 Fatima Aden , 50yr W Grandchild , Dollow Somalia - 2

Fatima and her family walked for 80 kilometers to find food


Every day thousands leave their homes and start walking towards Somalia's urban areas in search of food and water. One of them is 50-year-old Fatima Aden. Pained by seeing her children hungry, she decided to uproot her family a...

20170328 - Water Women Children Somalia Drought

The Danish Refugee Council declares corporate emergency in the fight against famine


Due to the severe hunger crisis currently plaguing several countries in Africa and in Yemen, the Danish Refugee Council has decided to declare corporate emergency and thereby dedicate all available manpower to the fight against...

20170326 - Somalia

When the river dries out all life disappears


After three years of drought Somalia is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. In a town in the southern part of the country residents walk for days to find something to eat.

Img 7271 Copy

Qayyarah emergency site grows with surge in new arrivals from Western Mosul


Military operations to fully retake Mosul are advancing further into the city’s densely-populated western neighborhoods, triggering a sharp increase in the rate of displacement towards emergency camps and sites primarily in sou...

Somrep Dol 134

Joint NGO Statement: IGAD Heads of State Special Summit on Durable Solutions for Somali Refugees


The membership of the Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS), Somalia NGO Consortium and the Inter-agency Working Group (IAWG) welcome the Special Summit of the IGAD Heads of State on Durable Solutions for Somali refuge...

Livestock Carcasses 2 - Dollow

DRC scales up response in Somaliland to avert possible famine


The drought situation in Somaliland continues to get worse following consequent poor rainy seasons. There are growing fears that the country could face a famine, which would have devastating impact on the population. The Danish...


DRC: Anniversary of EU-Turkey deal calls for hard look at policies


On the occasion of the one year anniversary of the launch of the EU-Turkey Statement, The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) issues a policy brief, which takes a critical look at the trend towards externalization in EU asylum and mig...