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When you make a donation to the Danish Refugee Council you make a difference for the world’s many refugees and internally displaced people.

In countries like Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq, many civilians are forced to flee their homes. They need help to survive and build a new life. With a donation to the Danish Refugee Council you can help refugees around the world – and help ensure them a better life and future.

The donations we receive are used for protection and emergency relief in conflict areas. We work in areas of war and conflict in more than 30 countries across three continents.

We provide emergency aid, shelter and protection to those in need. We distribute water, food, blankets and other necessary shelter items. We also build wells, clear landmines and rebuild houses and schools. You can support our work by donation online.

Why donate?
Your donations help raise the quality and quantity of the help we can provide to the world's refugees. Here are some examples of what your donations can do:

  • For 50 DKK. a woman in Sri Lanka can receive a baby package including cloth diapers, powder, children's aspirin and mosquito nets. (50 DKK is app. 6,5 EURO – 8,5 USD)
  • For 85 DKK. a refugee family can receive a package of food (dried fish, beans, oil, rice etc). One food package last 14 days. (85 DKK is app. 11 EURO – 14,5 USD)
  • For 250 DKK. we can provide school kits to 8 refugee kids in Darfur. (250 DKK is app. 33 EURO – 43 USD)
  • For 430 DKK. we can distribute a survival pack with tarpaulins, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, kitchen sets, soap and water buckets to a refugee family that have fled their home and left everything behind. (430 DKK is app. 56 EURO – 74 USD)
  • For 800 DKK. we can cover one month of wages to a well trained local deminer in Somalia or Afghanistan. Deminers remove landmines and unexploded ordnance and educate children and young people in mine awareness. (800 DKK is app. 105 EURO – 138 USD)

Make your donation online and support the work of the Danish Refugee Council.

Thank you.